#Feature Friday – Snip & Sketch (Windows 10)

Back when Windows 7 was fresh and new, one of the coolest features that I made use of everyday, was the Snipping Tool. It was so much easier than taking a screenshot, and a built in tool that was always available without installing any third party bits of software. The October 2018 update added a new, modern app, called Snip & Sketch.

Windows + Shift + S will launch the app and bring up a selection overlay to grab the part of your screen you want. It builds on the wild success of the Snipping Tool by adding additional Windows Ink features letting you highlight sections, draw on it, and annotate your snipping. After the selection is taken, it will sit in your clipboard; letting you simply paste it wherever you want your snipping. You might even paste it to an entirely different computer using Cloud Clipboard, which we covered last week.