#Feature Friday – Notifications & Actions

Something we get asked a lot is: “Why is there so many popups and alerts on my computer?” As an IT person, I immediately assume the worst and break out the ransom/malware toolkit, then I remember to ask: “Wait, is it in the bottom right corner — by the clock?”

Windows 10 can be noisy…. very noisy. Thankfully the Windows 10 Action Center houses and manages all the notifications spawned by the system’s various applications. You probably don’t want every Windows Store app you install barking at you all the time, however, you probably still want to see your email notifications, and maybe what your favorite Facebook group is posting. Fortunately, those settings are super easy to tweak!

To adjust these alerts, head on over to the Start Menu > Settings > System > Notifications and Actions.

Don’t worry if you don’t see all the options there. Individual apps, like Outlook and Mail, tend to have more granular options in the Settings menus inside themselves.