#Feature Friday – Near Share (Windows 10)

Windows 10 introduced Near Share in their April 2018 update, that’s over a year ago. Near Share makes it easy to share files and links with local PC’s over the air, sort of like AirDrop but without the Apple price tag. Opening the Share interface in Microsoft Edge or File Explorer, you’ll see any PC’s with Nearby Sharing enabled, appear as optional destinations.

To use Near Share, your computer needs both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi working, so that rules out most of us desktop users. And you’ll need to enable the Nearby Sharing option in Settings before “boosting your productivity” with it. We all know it’s just cute cat videos that are going to get shared around with the office using this tech!

If you were using this for actual business, you could use something like the new Snip & Sketch app (which we looked into last week) to select something you want to collaborate on, draw your notes on it; then just share it over to accounting to tell you: “No, we don’t reimburse for that…”