Public events like Canada Day and July Fest bring people from our communities together for some great fun and entertainment! They can be like a shot of adrenaline, right to the heart, for some local businesses and bring people from all over the world to experience our local food and culture. It’s too bad that mobile data plans don’t encourage any of our neighbors and guests to share their fun and entertainment with their friends and families until after the band has packed up, and the food trucks have all gone home. That’s something we’re changing with @LTB_EVENT_WIFI!

Three months ago, the goal was simple: “I want to provide WiFi at community events… it will be a cool way to show off what we can do!” Now it’s a reality. Designing a reliable WiFi network to support events that can have thousands of unique devices and hundreds of simultaneous users is no easy challenge to provide a solution to. Add to that making them secure for our end users, event organizers requirements, and the distinct lack of network connections in our parks, certainly make it a challenge. If there’s anything I like, it’s a challenge!

LTB Computer Solutions was an integral part of the success of this year’s Julyfest bocce tournament, which is scheduled and run online. They were able to provide me with a dedicated line that we could use just for the tournament without interruption. Without them, it would not have gone off as successfully as it did and I am forever grateful. Looking forward to next year!

Michelle Nex
Julyfest Bocce Tournament Director

Designing a network starts with knowing what we need to accomplish. Our goal is to drive social engagement between people and their friends, this should lead to more people attending the event, wider recognition and mind share, and better social media amplification. Enabling people to share their stories to Instagram, or go live on Facebook, or do a YouTube live stream are great ways to share an event, and accomplish these goals. These are the experiences that we want to enable. Luckily for us, we’ve got incredibly smart software that delivers our WiFi.

Smart Queues give us control over how much of our WiFi each device can use. Essentially it keeps the network from slowing to a crawl because one guy wanted to watch Netflix, in 4K, HDR, with all the bells and whistles. Smart Queues let us set a reasonable amount of data for each user based on how fast our primary and secondary links are, and can be scaled up and down as needed. Next, Quality-Of-Service lets us isolate out the devices and types of traffic we want to prioritize. We focus on anything that is “real-time” or mission critical; like going live on Facebook, or timing a race, or score keeping for the Canadian Bocce Championships. Software Defined Networking gives us all the tools we need to make a network that can heal itself, load balance between up-links, or actively load balance our critical data to a secondary cellular connection.

I am SO grateful to LTB Computer Solutions for setting up the wifi at this year’s JulyFest! Having fast, reliable internet was paramount to holding a successful race; our registration and timing were 100% web based. Having wifi took one more thing off my very long logistics list!!

Robyn Ostlund – Race Director
Ignited Health + Fitness Mountain Moustache Dache

I think this is a great way for LTB Computers to get involved in our communities and provides real-world value to event organizers while providing a great channel for people at these events to share the awesome experiences in our back yards with their friends and families. It gives us a great test bed for new and developing connectivity technologies and a way for us to test and validate these designs in the real world. It’s great to work with organizers who are as involved and passionate as Karen, Robyn, and Michelle; and I’m looking forward to working with other passionate event organizers in our communities! If you’re hosting an event and want some sweet WiFi at it, give us a shout and we’ll get you connected!

Photo Credit: Karen Cetinski 2019


Joshua Eimer is the Director of Northwestern Operations at LTB Computer Solutions Inc.

Joshua designs and builds technology systems that solve problems and objectives for small and mid-size businesses and organizations. Joshua has worked in the technology industry for over 15 years and has worked with companies including Microsoft, Smart Technologies, and Home Depot. Joshua provides solutions across many diverse spaces including healthcare, manufacturing, finance, not-for-profit, and the vibrant tourism and hospitality industry.