2018 Corporate Review

LTB Computer Solutions Inc. 2018 corporate review is now available to download for all stakeholders and interested parties.

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Managed IT Services

Continual delivery of managed IT both locally and in the cloud.


Our growing staff have extensive experience across many different industries including healthcare, accounting, manufacturing, automation, industrial, and non-profits.


Founded in 2011, LTB Computer Solutions has positioned itself as a trusted Industry Service Provider in the Kootenay Rockies area and beyond.

What we do

Managed IT Services

Managed Services allow you to leverage the experience of our IT professionals, letting you focus on more important things.. Managed services can easily be budgeted allowing you to more accurately plan for the future. Network and infrastructure can be monitored 24/7/365 allowing you to stay informed and avoid nasty surprises hidden in your network closet.

Network and Data Services

We offer our network infrastructure consultation services along side our range of structured Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, and wireless installations that include planning, testing, validating, certification, and documentation.


Ditch the burdens of legacy, on-premises telephony systems for a feature-rich, cloud-based Voice over IP (VoIP) solution. Powered by Cytracom, moving your communication to the cloud has never been easier! Plug in your phones, and you are ready to go! Stay up-to-date with a new set of phones every 36 months through the Evolve program for free; and best of all? No Contracts!

Business Continuity

Our solutions safeguard organizations from IT disasters, human error, malicious activity, and dreaded ransomware. With secure local virtualization solutions, if disaster strikes, your entire infrastructure (physical or virtual) is virtualized instantly, empowering you to continue your business operations without loss of data, incurring damage, or experiencing downtime.


Have a problem? Want it fixed?

Show us and we will build you a solution!

Strategic IT Assessments

Organizations are constantly evolving through growth, new initiatives, and overall technology innovations. It can be difficult for organizations to maintain stability and security in their IT Infrastructure through all of these changes. In addition, problems can emerge over time: performance gaps, redundancies, inefficiencies and unintended information silos take form. Our Strategic IT Assessment helps close these gaps and keep your organization running at its best!

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